Traditional Herbal Formula to Tone & Tighten Vaginal Muscles

Vagina Tightening Pill
Kzanah Manjakani Serapat Plus( Fast Moving )
Vagina Tightening Pill

Manjakani Serapat Plus contains manjakani,akar serapat, gambir,daun jarak and potent antioxidant turmeric works to tighten vaginal walls, stimulate desire and improve vitality. Also reduces the problems associated with the thinning of vaginal lining such as painful intercourse.

Manjakani Serapat Plus helps to :

*Restore vaginal tone and tightness
*Keep the body slim
*Tighten stomach muscles
*Regulates the menstrual cycle and easing menstrual cramps and backache
*Eliminate excessive vaginal discharge,itching and unpleasant odors
*Keep the body healthy, fresh and full of vitality

Manjakani or Oak Gall rejuvenates the viginal muscle cells with rich blend of nutrients - Tannins, Tannic, Gallic Acids, Vitamin A & C, Calcium, Iron,Protein and Carbohydrates to sustain the vaginal muscular cells and tissues for renewal and self-repairing routine. Asians have long consumed Manjakani for constricting the vaginal muscles after childbirth.

Manjakani is one of the most powerful astringent herbs known. Its strong astringent properties aid in tightening and firming up the muscles of the vagina wall, restoring elasticity, improving muscle tone and also assisting in reducing vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea) that can cause bad odor.In addition, it also contains natural antiseptic properties that are effective in eliminating bacterial, yeast and fungal infections-the main cause of itching and unpleasant odor in the intimate area. Manjakani is also an excellant antioxidant for countering the aging process.

Recommended for:

*Those with poor vaginal tone and tightness due to childbirth and aging
*Those suffering from excessive vaginal discharge, itching and unpleasant odor

*Those with irregular menstrual cycle

*Those suffering from menstrual pains and cramps

*Those who would like to maintain or improve their vitality and physical fitness


Product of Indonesia

Contents: (150 pills x 250mg)

Dosage : 2 pills 3 times daily

1 bottle : US$28

2 bottles : US$50

Buy 3 FOR US$59

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